“NOT quarantine time, its ME time” 



 “Where there is the tiniest sliver of hope… make sure to catch it and hold on to it, because, when you do, a meaningful experience will follow that can position our lives in front of a path to a healthier and happier life”.  __ G.Z

This newsletter is a message of positivity, told through the eyes of Gabriel Zuniga PT/Coach and owner of Omnia Fitness NT. The main message to this story is that during the trying times of the covid 19, we can create beautiful paths.




 Covid-19  lockdown 2021 was an era that hit the beautiful country of Vietnam hard in a way that left us all with the feeling of anxiety, uneasiness and uncertainty. A few months of not being able to leave the house left us questioning; When could we go back to work? When can we leave the house to visit our families and friends? When will the grocery stores reopen? What if I get covid what happens to me? Where do I order the big bottle of drinkable water? When can I travel again? Do I have to shut my business down? Do I have to leave Vietnam? These are all a few questions that we all may have had that challenged our mental sanity and even our physical health. It was challenging for many to keep as healthy and happy as possible. What was our approach?




At the beginning of the Covid-19 era Omnia Fitness was reluctant to pursue the “Online/Virtual” side of the fitness industry. We felt that the in-person experience was our preferred and best way to deliver our unique services and feared that online may compromise the results. How do we continue to help people build healthier lifestyles, how do we keep the quality of our Omnia Fitness standard without compromising it when we move online? We had to think better, we had to dig deeper. We had to conquer the feeling of insecurity of whether or not we would be able to deliver results via online. The fear of not being able to control the result process had us insecure about making a full transition to online. It was the self-realization that we are in the business of helping others. We cannot let the fear of uncertainty stop us from continuing to deliver and inspire our unique way of helping people live healthier lifestyles.




To say that in the last couple years the virtual/online side of the fitness industry has blown up, is an understatement, clients now have the choice of a huge pool of talent of fitness professionals from all over the world. Then how do we differentiate ourselves from anyone else who can readily open a laptop and start training online? We felt we didn’t just want to work out of our home, in a clean living room, with a yoga mat in front of the laptop.

 Alongside our in-person Omnia Fitness systems we created the “OmniaPad” virtual journey. We first wanted to ensure our side of the screen was an actual gym! We manifested our unique Aka “IG Omnia wale everyone working out with us felt like we were right there in the room with them and only a few feet away. We executed this by ensuring l” as your background, the mats went down, the squat rack went up, the virtual timer went up on the wall, individualized music playlists played, and most importantly we made sure the most important piece of equipment was visible and heard, your Coach/trainer! During the covid-19 era we strove to find the best way to make our side as presentable as a gym can be. We continued to follow and grow our Omnia Fitness Standards, and are extremely thankful and could not be happier that we are busier and are seeing amazing results with our guests.  Here is how we want to help more.



We are blown away by how much The “OmniaPad”  has been able to help many bring a positive purpose during their “quarantine”.  We are inspiring healthy changes inside many homes, hotel rooms, and even resorts around the world. The new wave of technological boom in business has made our workouts virtually limitless with ideas, where there is a wifi connection there is a way.

 Mr. Harry stayed at Radisson Blu, Cam Ranh, Vietnam for his “me time”. During this time he wanted to ensure he took advantage of the ME time,  and was eager to find ways of self improving. He understood the exercise is one easy way of self improvement however he didn’t want to do it alone and take up a lot of his busy schedule or time enjoying the resort. Mr. Harry wondered if OmniaPad could help during Quarantine.

Monday morning, Gabriel calls:

 “Hello Mr. Harry, we noticed you have access to the gym and a pool in your villa. According to our recent online conversation about your goals this is the perfect setup for our OmniaPad sessions’! Let’s goooo! As soon as hanging up, Gabriel then makes an excitable call to Radisson blu management, and explains the situation;

“ Hello guys, first of all thank you for taking my call. Mr.Harry is staying with you, and we were hoping to make his stay with you, the healthiest experience for him. With a trustful sense in their voice they  respond,  “Of course, how can we help”? Gariels makes a woo sound and explains, “Mon, Wed, & Friday are his sessions, can we provide him with some post workout smoothies, in addition can we suggest some recommendations to his meals while staying there”? “Done, send over what he needs and the time he needs it, and we will deliver”.

The workout experience… “Let’s go to the pool Mr. Harry”! One important skepticism of virtual fitness is how do we keep each client safe without us being there? Alongside the emergency contact information, we used the idea of technological creativity to have eyes on him at all times during the session.

Gabriel explains “Mr. Harry the goal here is to swim 4 laps, then jump out of the pool and do 20 v-ups + 25 diamond pushups, your time to beat is 10min. Make sure your water proof headset is on at all times.”

 Mr. Harry takes 1 min to join the virtual meeting and set up one of his waterproof devices on one side of the pool and with his other device he then proceeds to set it up on the other end of the pool on a table giving Gabriel a view of him at all angles and at all times.

“We are set, warmed up and ready to go! “Mr. Harry 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 let’s gooo”!

 Lap 3, Gabriel looks at the time and realizes Mr. Harry is going to have to reach further with his stroke and kick harder if he wants to beat the time!

“Mr Harry, you have to reach further and kick harder if you want to beat the time, let’s do it’! Mr. Harry times his response perfectly  at the same time he takes a breath

“Got it”!

With a stronger kick, and longer reach he finishes the 4th lap, jumps out of the pool, and with a bit of a concerned look on his face he looks at the timer.

Gabriel enthusiastically explains: “Go go dont worry about the time just finish it!”  Mr Harry drops down right away, moves on to his pushups and v-ups, he finishes the circuit with 35 seconds to spare!

Gabriel claps: “Hell of a good job Mr. Harry, you have earned a full recovery!” We continued at this pace until the end of the workout!

At the end of the workout Mr. Harry gets out of the pool, grabs his towel, starts to dry his “lockdown 2021” burly hairstyle, looks at the screen and says thank you for the push Gabriel would not have been able to finish the workout without you sniffing.

Gabriel smiles and says: “No problem, hey you may want to hurry and dry those tears, your post workout smoothie is being delivered by the staff right now”.

Mr. Harry responds: “I’m not crying, I just jumped out of a pool, and quit calling me Mr. Harry it’s just Harry!”

Gabriel smiles and before ending the meeting says, “Good job today bro, “enjoy your orange/mango smoothie. I’ll see you on Wednesday at the gym, not the pool”.

With a confused look Harry replies: “Have a good day to see you wednesday but how did you know orange/mango smoothies are my favorite?”

Final Note:

Our final message is that we are eager to continue helping anyone who has the desire to make a meaningful and healthy change in their life. At home, in a hotel room or at a resort, please, we encourage everyone to remember that it’s never quarantine time, it’s “me” time!

Gabriel Zuniga,

 PT/coach and owner of Omnia Fitness NT

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